Filoponos Conjugations and Declensions Apps

Filoponos is a franchise of apps that teach students Old Greek and Latin. Four of these focus on learning conjugations of verbs and declensions of nouns

Filoponos: Coniugationes Graecae
Filoponos: Coniugationes Latinae
Filoponos: Declinationes Graecae
Filoponos: Declinationes Latina

The practices method used by the app focuses on associating the right suffix to the right word. By doing this the user creates rows of conjugations or declensions of words.

I was in charge of creating these 4 apps for MetisMatters. Because the apps are functional very similar to each other, I chose to make them share the same codebase. An internal switch made it possible to change the behavior and appearance of the app. The benefits of this approach is that it is easy to expand and maintain the code. Any feature which had to be added or bug which had to be fixed for all 4 apps, only had to be done once.

Engine: Unity
Platform: Android & iOS
Position: Developer for RoboDodo
Client: MetisMatters
Years of involvement: 2018 – 2019
Contribution: Did all the programming for apps