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In this game the player commands a group of minions which he will have to use to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and in the end defeat the bad guy. Minions can be ordered to attack targets or follow the player. The player has to use his minions strategically to progress in the game.

Story: A new race of semi-intelligent beings have emerged. Because of their fragile state the gods decide to appoint a shepherd to watch over them and protect them from danger until the are mature enough to stand on their one. They resurrect two leaders from an ancient destroyed civilization. One of them is the main character. By taking upon themselves the role given to them they will be able to redeem the mistakes of their civilization which lead to its ruin. The other resurrected leader gets jealous about the care the gods offer to the new race and feels the gods have abandoned her race. As retaliation she tries to destroy the new race. The player has to defeat his fellow leader will making the new race flourish.

Engine: Construct 2
Position: Programmer
Date: March 2014 – Mei 2014
Contribution: Did most of the programming except of the cutscenes and the Audio Manager and some minor objects.